Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zara Men's T-shirt and pants, Vans shoes, Bag from Korea, Forever 21 necklace and rings, DIY bracelet

Here's my first post, these were taken months back and been hanging around for a while before I decided to make use of it. Wanted to start this long ago, I hope I will stop being lazy with this fun project in hand.


Sue Figueroa said...

Your right, i was on the same situation as you, i love photography and fashion and wanted to do my blog, but im always so busy with my schedule that i dont have the time. I see that you have been constantly for quite some time. Hope it happens the same to me.

See you soon.

scenestitchers said...

@Sue Figueroa

Hi Sue. thanks for visiting. i do hope the same for you and me too.